ONE-DAY MATH Quick & Easy Review “Reach out and teach someone!” Workshops and online courses

Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, logic, English practice and math tricks for teaching, tutoring, and test preparation. Reach goals each day with audio lessons, pictures, easy reading and hands-on activities. Special features to work with dyslexia, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, limited English, gaps in schooling, impaired vision/hearing, busy life. Affiliates welcome. Click the workshop links or course photos below.

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Earn Continuing Education Units by taking ONE-DAY MATH workshops with Eve Sutton. Click OCT 12 WORKSHOP ON FRACTIONS or NOV 16 WORKSHOP ON FULL INCLUSION for details and registration. Use hands-on activities to integrate math, English language development and critical thinking for full inclusion of students with learning differences, physical challenges or anxiety. Learn how to teach by instructional level, regardless of age or grade.

ONE-DAY MATH Quick & Easy Review is perfect for busy adults. Audio lectures from the CDs are now ALL ONLINE.
•Learn with pictures, hands-on activities, and easy English. Students who can read and listen to English at a 6th grade level or ESL High Intermediate level can use ONE-DAY MATH for learning. If your English skills are Advanced, you can understand the extra materials that teachers use for teaching.
•Lessons cover the most important skills for Grades K-8, Adult Education, and Test Preparation. The focus is on learning and teaching, using basic materials and very few words. You do not need worksheets or textbooks for this course.
•Common Core Standards: ONE-DAY MATH provides teachers and tutors with a quick review that builds upon the math they are likely to remember from their own schooling and daily life. An educated adult who completes ONE-DAY MATH lessons will be prepared for 80% of the Common Core Standards math lessons in grades K-8 and Adult Basic Skills.
•This course got its name because it was designed so teachers could prepare for CBEST math in just ONE DAY. But you can do things your own way. Choose your lessons and set your own schedule for each day of study. Repeat lessons, or skip lessons, as desired.
•Full course has 120 short audio lectures, 35 printable Lesson Cards, color illustrations, and directions for hands-on activities, same as the physical kit, PLUS quizes, new hints for teaching, and extra notes for this online edition.
•Use the lessons for teaching, tutoring, independent study, math on the job, practicing English, understanding curriculum in American schools, and overcoming math anxiety.
•Minimum enrollment is 1 month. If you do not adjust your account to stop charging your credit card, your subscription will continue for another month. Stop your subscription when you no longer need access to the course.

"You teach so it goes right into my brain!"
- Teresa A., Teacher who purchased ONE-DAY MATH kit at STEM Conference and returned the next year to thank Eve and tell other teachers how it helped her

" Eve’s One-Day Math Kit was very useful, as it contained all the materials I needed for assignments. All of the lessons were printed on individual sheets of paper, organized by color. This is a good alternative to a math book because a lot of people (myself included) have trouble with math books. It doesn’t mean they’re bad at math; it just means they’re afraid of having to work in a big, cluttered math book."
- Middle School Student, California

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